The story behind Amy’s Story. An interview with Anna Lawton

By Daniela Enriquez [A few weeks ago I met with Anna Lawton, author of two novels and several non-fiction books, at the headquarters of her publishing house, New Academia Publishing, to speak about her latest work, Amy’s Story. What follows is a lightly modified transcript of our conversation. You can find the audio of the […]

Book Presentation: Anna Lawton – AMY’S STORY a NOVEL

ltalians in DC, The Italian Cultural Society & Via Umbria invites you to the presentation of Amy’s  Story: A Novel Author Anna Lawton will discuss the book in conversation with Lucia Wolf, Reference Specialist for ltaly at the European Division of the Library of Congress. A buffet of  Via Umbria’s ltalian delicacies will greet the guests. Book signing will follow […]