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La Strega Accounting Inc.
Marina L. Martin, EA , MBA, Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor®
149 D Street SE – Washington, DC 20003







Italian Citizenship Assistance

Italian Citizenship Assistance (ICA) is an international firm which provides assistance to individuals of Italian descent who are interested in obtaining dual citizenship.
ICA has offices both in Italy and in the US and it offers the most comprehensive legal services for people in both countries.
ICA’s team of professional genealogists, lawyers, translators and citizenship specialists have delivered excellent results thanks to their fine attention to detail, dedication and first-class customer service.
The company has produced a video podcast which is available here.

10940 Whilshire Blvd #600, Los Angeles CA 90024
Marco Permunian











Call – Telefona a Monica 202.808.1266

For more information https://monicalafonte.com/

Per ulteriori informazioni https://monicalafonte.com/lecasedc/












ALFRESCO Italian meals anytime, anywhere

Who We Are
Alfresco is a community, born with the aim of changing the world, where every member can participate in the change by promoting a healthy and sustainable diet and lifestyle

Our Mission
Alfresco is the first authentic Italian ghost kitchen in the world, created to satisfy anyone seeking Italy’s authentic taste and flavors without compromising on a healthy and sustainable lifestyle

Our story
We live in a globalized world and in almost every country we can taste a variety of cuisines from other corners of the planet. Italian food is among the most known and loved cuisine on Earth. However, very often Italian recipes are adjusted and served according to old stereotypes, which do not adapt to modern habits and a healthy lifestyle. Alfresco’s menu aims to respect Italian traditions and flavors while providing a modern and healthy twist, using genuine and sustainable ingredients according to the principles of the Mediterranean diet. We designed it to satisfy any dietary need and food requirement, and to deliver a genuine Italian meal to be enjoyed anytime and anywhere

Eat different, save the planet
We deliver authentic ready-to-enjoy Italian meals anytime anywhere, without compromising on a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. We developed a menu that follows the principles of the Mediterranean diet with different vegan and gluten-free options, as we want our menu to be healthy, inclusive and suitable for different dietary needs. Every recipe is made with accurately selected ingredients, from farmers producing with respect for the environment.

For more information https://www.bealfresco.com/about-us/

Contact us info@bealfresco.com












La Fosca Residences

Perfect accommodation. Just steps away from everything. Our guests come from all over the world, and they all say the same thing.  Our location and comfort are simply peerless.
At La Fosca, you will have everything you need for a pleasant and relaxing stay, whether you’re working in government,
doing scholarly research at the Library of Congress, following the 2019 World Champion Washington Nationals, seeing the sights of our Nation’s Capital, or simply kicking back and relaxing with a movie.
A fully equipped kitchen gives you flexibility.
Parking is available for a small additional fee.